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ACT! 2009 - Contact Design Layout

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ACT! 2009 - Contact Design Layout

I would like to duplicate the "Documents" Tab for organizing attachments (i.e. "Presentation" Tab, "Spec Sheet" Tab, etc). I figured out how to create a new tab. However, I cannot figure out how to format the tab to be able to attach documents.
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Re: ACT! 2009 - Contact Design Layout

I don't think that is possible re attaching..

I could be wrong, I was once before.. Regards -FSB..

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Re: ACT! 2009 - Contact Design Layout

That's not an option with the ACT! program. However, there are addon programs to aid in adding a custom one-to-many table to the database.
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Re: ACT! 2009 - Contact Design Layout

As others have said, you can't do this.


However, one possible workaround is to create links to folders on your network (where the documents are located) that are displayed in the new tab.


So, if you have a presentation folder on your network for a particular contact, you could create a URL field and have that displayed in the Presentations tab. When you click on the link, the relevant folder would open and display the documents. 

Trevor Lever

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