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ACT 2009 Advice

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ACT 2009 Advice



Ok a little about my question, we have just purchased act for 2 telesales guys and what we want to be able to acheive is that they have there own records that they call, we need to import some more of the database, but the question is? i want to be able to allocate the users different contacts, is there a way of doing this with out going through the database manually as there is 26k records?


Thanks in anticipation.



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Re: ACT 2009 Advice

As Users of the database your Telesales guys' names can be selected in the Record Manager field which is in the Contact Access tab. What you need to do is have half of the Contact records with Telesales A as the Record Manager and half with Telesales B.


First, run an ACT backup.


Assuming you don't mind how the records ar divided up, go into Contact List View and scroll down until you find the middle of the database and select a contact. Now scroll back to the first record, hold down the Shift key and click to select it. It may take a few seconds but you should then have a screen full of selected contacts in front of you. Now click Lookup Selected.


Now click Edit > Replace field. Scroll down to Record Manager and select Telsales A on the right. OK "this will modify all the records in the lookup". The Record Manager field will now be changed in half the database. Repeat the process for the other half but substituting Telesales B.  The telesales guys can now select thier own records by doing a lookup on the Record Manager Field.


NB if you are importing records into ACT they will automatically be allocated in the Record Manager field whoever is logged on to ACT at the time.


PS Have you calculated how long it will take two people to call 13,000 people? ;-)



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Re: ACT 2009 Advice

Let me say right up front that the best way to make ACT work for you is to completely forget about the software.  In my opinion, you need to decide (if you haven't already) what your goals are for your salespeople and break them down to a set of daily goals for each salesperson.


Then and only then, will you be able to make ACT (or any software for that matter) work effectively for you.

Tony Holowitz
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