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ACT 2008 version 10.0 Merging Multiple Duplicate contacts

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ACT 2008 version 10.0 Merging Multiple Duplicate contacts

Hi Everyone,

I am new to using ACT! and I wanted to know if there is an efficient way to merge the duplicate contacts into each other, without losing content from each contact(mainly, I wish to preserve the notes as each duplicate contact has different notes).

Also, I wish to do this in a timely manner. What is the most effective way to reach this above goal?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: ACT 2008 version 10.0 Merging Multiple Duplicate contacts

ACT! has a builtin in menu function to merge 2 contacts down to one, without losing Notes, History, etc.  The only time you would lose data is if the same field on those two records had conflicting data, say different Fax Numbers - then you decide which fax # stays and which one goes.  The overall process is fine for the occasional duplicate, but way too much effort for me if I was faced with hundreds or thousands of dupes.  The tool is so dumb that you have to check 6 checkboxes every time you use it.  It's too dumb to remember that you like them checked.  And ACT! has a built-in function to check for dupes, but it's so dumb that it considers a blank field to be a duplicate, so if you did a Scan for Duplicates on all records where the Contacts' names match, it would also include every record where the Contacts' names were blank!  Dumb and Dumber.


If you have a large number of duplicates, you may want to consider investing in a third-party tool such as:

Why pay when ACT! includes a de-duping function?  Because the $ addon will run through your entire database and merge all dupes, not just two at a time, and the $ addon, when faced with conflicting data like I mentioned above, will write a note to the surviving record notating the fax number that didn't survive.  And the $ addon gives you the option to skip Blank fields.  Smart-Smart-Smart.

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Re: ACT 2008 version 10.0 Merging Multiple Duplicate contacts