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ACT 2008 over VPN

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ACT 2008 over VPN

Ok this one has me stumped....
I have a few users who use the Microsoft VPN client to connect to our network everything else works fine except for ACT.  They connect to the shared database that's on one of our servers and ACT will crash randomly through out the day sometimes they get an error that says " The application has encountered an error and has been shut down.  Would you like to report the error?" Yes/No.  And that's not the Microsoft Send/Don't send error, it's from ACT!. 

I understand how the VPN tunnel works and that there is going to be lag while trying to access a remote database, so I guess what my question is, is there a better way for a remote user to access our db?  We can't use ACT's synchronization because the powers that be do not want the users to have a local copy of the database, and I've already tried setting the timeouts via actdiag.  There must be another way

Clients use XP
Server is 2003
ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) Version

if you need any more info please let me know...thanks

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Re: ACT 2008 over VPN

Are you running Basic or Premium? (either one get the update).

Before anything! else goto Download Center for the free update 10.0.3 and Hot Fix 1.


If your are past the free 90 days upgrade to version 11.0 call customer service and ask some cases they are willing even if your just past it.


Version 10.0.3 has major fixes that it's stability matches Ver. 11.0 (less the new features) because they fixed bugs and the .NET part of code.

For me running 10.0.3 at 25% faster on Premium and Network Remote Sync to the sites, opening of database, jumping around, stable defined Options column contact list view and more.. was worth Sticking wiht ACT! and even upgrading to version 11.0.  BTW 11.1 coming out soon.

If you did not have it you should buy ACT! Platinum Care ACT! so your covered for 1 year on free Major upgrades and forum access.


I understand what your boss is concerned about, but you need to make the case that an off the shelf (almost) database with all that's going on over TCP/IP through VPN even if you could make it to work.  The performance will turn off the users from even using it.

Option 1. Get ACT! Premium for Web 11.0 to run a Web Based solution so nothing sits on a Laptop or Desktop that could be stolen.

Option 2. Hire ACT consultant to get remote VPN Network Sync running, design the field Access Security, DB Passwords, ACT User Security Roles ect..

Good luck,