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ACT!2008 in Vista Briefcase

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ACT!2008 in Vista Briefcase

I have used ACT! 6.0 for years.  I put it in a Windows XP Briefcase file on my laptop, and the file automatically synchronizes my ACT database from my desktop to my laptop.  I have come to depend on this feature when I travel for work.


However, recently I purchased a Vista laptop.  So I have upgraded to ACT! 2008.  Unfortunately, the synchronization is not working well anymore.  The file will open on my desktop, where the database was created/updated.  However, it will not open on my laptop.  The name of my laptop is  "laptop" and my desktop is named "desktop."  The error message I am getting is that my laptop cannot find supporting database folders on "desktop."


I need my laptop to open the files without being networked to my desktop - you know the whole portability thing. 


This is a major problem for me.  I would appreciate any help offered. 

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Re: ACT!2008 in Vista Briefcase