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ACT! 2008 & SQL Server 2005 Install Issues

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ACT! 2008 & SQL Server 2005 Install Issues

The initial problem I encountered was with the installation of SQL Server 2005. This was not an ACT issue, but a Windows issue. I uninstalled the all the components of MS SQL Server except for MSXML 6.0 Parser. Windows would not allow me to uninstall this.


I discovered this page with instructions on uninstalling MSXML 6.0 Parser.

This page led to the following application: Your Uninstaller! 2008. Download the trial version and uninstall MSSML 6.0 Parser completely from your system.


I then ran the ACT! 2008 setup and it worked like a charm.


Based on my reading on the web, it sounds like this is a flaw with Microsoft.

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Re: ACT! 2008 & SQL Server 2005 Install Issues

According to tech support, just over 70% of install issues are with the Microsoft components... SQL, .Net, etc


I heard MS actually sent 2 of their development staff to sit on the Sage support lines for a day to help resolve some of the issues and identified 3 new MS bugs they wern't previously aware of.


You can only guess at the cost of the support contract Sage must pay MS to get that kind of treatment :-)

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Re: ACT! 2008 & SQL Server 2005 Install Issues

Guys, this fix worked perfect.  Thanks!