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ACT 2008 - accidentally removed SQLEXPRESS - how can I fix it?

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ACT 2008 - accidentally removed SQLEXPRESS - how can I fix it?

Greetings.  I work at a help desk supporting a large company doing technical support.  Our organization does not support ACT officially, but many of our employees use it to conduct their business.  Since we don't support it, we don't usually get to work with it at all.  Most of the time, any problems they have they can resolve by re-installing the application.


I was recently working on a system (running Windows XP Pro) for a guy who was having some completely unrelated problems, but one thing we noticed was event viewer errors for SQLEXPRESS 2005, and something in the registry (or maybe the event errors) mentioned ACT v7.  This guy had ACT 2008 (v10) and I did not realize that the SQL EXPRESS entries were related to his version (since they mentioned a previous version which he said he has not had for a while) so we removed SQL EXPRESS 2005 from Windows.  It was then that we realized that it had broken ACT 2008.  In addition, Windows would now take about 5 to 10 minutes for explorer to finish loading and give you access to the taskbar and start menu (after you put in the Windows password and hear the logon chimes).  And when they DO become available, they seem to stop loading some of the tray icons - at least half of them are missing.  If we do a START / LOGOFF and then log back on instead of rebooting, then all tray icons load and there is no delay.


Normally we would not get to work on it since it is not supported, but I feel responsible and have tried for days without success to get it working again.  I would suggest that he re-install his version from CD, but he only has ACT 2007 (v9) on CD.  He had that installed and had done an online upgrade and downloaded to update to ACT 2008 (v10).  He does not have the installation files for the update.


I was afraid to uninstall his version and revert back to the previous version, fearing that it would somehow think he needed to pay again for the update to v10.  We have backups of the database just incase though.


I tried downloading SQL EXPRESS (2005 and 2008) from Microsoft to install them directly, but they ask for server information that we do not have (since we aren't using it as a server I am guessing, but instead need the database components to help Windows link to the ACT database again).


I also tried using his CD for ACT 2007 to ONLY install the SQL packages on there, but they only seem to partially install but have trouble connecting the database components or something.



Is there an easy way for me to get him fixed up?  Can I remove ACT 2008 and go back to 2007 and get the components working, then somehow update back to 2008 (WITHOUT PAYING AGAIN) and then restore his database?  Or is there a better or quicker way to fix the database?

Can he contact SAGE and provide them with proof of purchase to obtain a download for the version 2008 that he had previously purchased (or an upgrade to it from 2007?)


Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Re: ACT 2008 - accidentally removed SQLEXPRESS - how can I fix it?

Hello heweaver,


Try following the KB article below.  It will walk you through steps on using a utility that will automatically setup, install and connect the SQL instance to ACT!.  If this doesn't work please let me know and I can provide you with the download link.


How to Install the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 (Express Edition) ACT7 Instance