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ACT! 2008 Moving multiple activities to another user

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ACT! 2008 Moving multiple activities to another user



I have recently moved all contacts for a particular country to anotehr user.  This was fine.  BUT, the activities scheduled for that contacts are still under my name.  How do I shift thos across?  So, for example, I have 300 Spanish contacts.  I need to move the activities fo those to the user who is now the record owner for them.



Hope someone can help me!!



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Re: ACT! 2008 Moving multiple activities to another user

Unfortunately there isn't a way to mass reassign activities.  You can export the contacts to a new database and import the back while logged in as the new user and select replace with source as the merge option.  By doing this, it will reassigned everything associated with the contacts to the new user (notes, history, activities, etc...).  Make a backup of the database if you decide to go this route.


Maybe another user will post a better way of doing this or know of an addon.


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How to Import Contact Data From an Existing ACT! Database into Another ACT! Database

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Re: ACT! 2008 Moving multiple activities to another user

You can check out our add-on called Task List Plus for ACT!. It has the ability to mass reassign activities to another user.


Download and install using from this page:


1) Start ACT!

2) Go to the task list and select the desired activities

3) Click on the [Reassign] icon on the toolbar

4) Select the user to assign to then click OK


BTW- Once installed it will be in 30 day free trial mode that is fully functional. So you actually could download it and use this feature free today.


Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin



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Reassign activities after mistakenly removing someone attached to a reoccurring task

I have a very big problem, after trying to update an event I mistakenly deleted someone attached to the original entry.  When I tried to update the task Calendar Plus did not let me.  So I tried to reassign the task by adding the deleted user.  The task was set to reoccur until 2073So my ACT crashed and now the other user has 18563 alarms that have appeared on his screenHow do I fix this problem without crashing every few minutes or deleting 18k individual tasks?