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ACT! 2008 Linked with Peachtree 2008

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ACT! 2008 Linked with Peachtree 2008

I installed the Peachtree-ACT driver for the version of Peachtree that I have installed. Importing the Accounting Records during the initial setup worked without errors. Subsequent attempts to update the Contacts do not work with no error received. I can confirm that the updates are not working by making minor changes in either program.


The other issue that has come up is the Peachtree Tab on the Contacts window is missing. I have the Peachtree Menu up top but not the Tab on the Contacts. I can get the Peachtree Tab to show if I go into Layout Designer, click the save but even though I made no changes, then exit, brings the Peachtree Tab back each and every time.


OS: Windows XP SP3 -> SP3 was instaled prior to me installing ACT! and ACT! did work one time with SP3 installed.

Peachtree Complete 2008

ACT! 2008


Is anyone else experiencing this problem?



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Re: ACT! 2008 Linked with Peachtree 2008



You're best to contact Peathree support about this.  Peachtree also has an online community so you can post your question there.



In the mean time, you can follow the knowledge base below.  You'll only need to follow the sections referring to  hardware acceleration and DependentDlls.xml.

ACT! Accounting Link Menu Option Fails to Appear in the ACT! Toolbar