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ACT! 2008 Integration / SDK ?

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ACT! 2008 Integration / SDK ?

Hi All


We're new to ACT! and have a technical question about custom applications.

How can I allow my Act! 2008 users to run queries against our Simply Accounting database?

I've had a look at the built in integration between these two applications but it's not providing the data I need. 


Basically I need to allow my Act! users to query a custom field in the simply accounting database (this field contains a serial number) and then to return all invoices containing that custom field. We don't need to see the invoices just the invoice number and amount.


Do I need something like the ACT SDK to develop this solution? Or do I need to build a different application outside ACT and provide a hyperlink to that application from within the ACT Screens?



Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: ACT! 2008 Integration / SDK ?

I haven't seen anything like that available. You'd need to develop it (or have someone do it for you) with the SDK - you need to be able to program in .Net to use the SDK