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ACT! 2008 - Error: Database could not be accessed

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ACT! 2008 - Error: Database could not be accessed

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I am having problems with my server and Act! We had three different computers connected to one server computer but unfortunitely the hard drive crashed on the host computer. We did however have ACT! backed up on an external. Now that we have the host replaced we are trying to reconnect the network and have the 2 other computer reconnected to the server. We receive this message: The database could not be accessed. In order to access this database check your connection....... and so on....

I turned off all the firmwalls on this system but still no luck. I also reinstalled the ACT! software onto the computer and no luck again. I attempted to contact Sage but they can not help with the 2008 version (10.0). As you can tell I am not very technologically advanced! PLEASE HELP!!!



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