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ACT! 2007 V 9.0

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ACT! 2007 V 9.0

Hi All,


We have recently migrated one of our clients SBS 2003 to SBS 2008, ACT! 9.0 and their new version coming out isn't supported on SBS 2008 (I have confirmed this from ACT! Sage).


Our Client used to access ACT from the OLD server (SBS 2003), now after the migration, when we tried to install act on sbs the settings were lost.


We then mapped the old server's drive to the client's pc and mapped another drive from the new server to the client's pc. So, now sometimes when the user restarts their machine, they have to open up the mapped drive on the old server and double click the respective *.pad file, and act opens on their machine, they input their username/password, close it and then open up the same pad file from the new server (we have copied all the files over to the new server)


If they open it up straight from the new server share (mapped drive) ACT will give an error saying cannot locate the layout files (i can't remember exactly).


How can we fix this ? Any ideas ?


Also, the other issue is : The ACT! user used to have templates for mail merge etc, now when they browse after selecting mail merge it opens up the same template folder from the new server (which we have copied exactly as it was from the old box to the new box) but none of their custom *.tpl files are there. However when I searched the names of the files they were found on the new server but with an extension of *.ADT but no *.tpl files with those names were found.


This is highly important for them or they would have to re-do it all again, can someone please advise,suggest something in this issue as well ?


I am sorry if i haven't explained it properly or missed something, please let me know and I will try to get as much info as possible.



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Re: ACT! 2007 V 9.0

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Well, I am not entirely sure about what you are saying about your various locations and/or copies of the database, but what I can offer is as follows...


The prescribed methods for moving a database (and again this will depend upon whether you have synchronization involved or not) are these:

  1. Create/use an Act! backup from the old installation and then do a 'Restore As' on the new server.
  2. Detach the database on the old server using the ActDiag program and then copy the .ADF, .ALF and supplemental files folder to your desired location on the new server (you do not want to copy the .PAD file).  Open the database on the new server using the .ADF file, and Act! will create an updated pad file for the new location.


For more information be sure to search the knowledgebase at on move database or similar.



Content edited. Corrected file extension names



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