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ACT 2006 label problems

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ACT 2006 label problems

I am trying to print labels from my contacts and running into difficulty in transferring over all contact information.  I have my contact detail open and going into file, then print, then labels.  I chose the applicable label and hit print.  When looking at the preview, the address and city is transferring fine, its the contact field that is not transferring properly.  It is only tranferring the contact  name and not the spouse.  How do I get the spouse name to print on the 1st line with the contact name?  I tried changing the contact name to include the spouse; by doing: John & Jane Doe; however, it takes & Jane and moves it to the middle name.  The middle name does not transfer for labels.  I can't seem to get this to work.  Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Re: ACT 2006 label problems

What you want is possible but would require a custom label design with some significant VB scripting in the label template.

Roy Laudenslager
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