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ACT 2006 - how to add values of fields together

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ACT 2006 - how to add values of fields together

Does anyone know if it's possible to create a field in ACT that will add the values in several other fields together?  We need to be able to lookup clients based on the sums of several fields rather than each individual field and be able to view the results of the sums on the contact detail page.


Thanks for any help

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Re: ACT 2006 - how to add values of fields together

Hello lmfortin,

To do that I use "Abacus Calculated Fields" from Act Presentation. >>

It allow me to add fields coverting string to number or vice-versa if necessary and also copy content of one field to another or several others.

Abacus can also run in automatic mode or manually for all contact, current contact or a lookup.

It has also a lot of examples on how to do what you want.

It is nice in my point of view.

Easy to install, easy to learn and use and compatible with ACT 11.

I hope this help you.


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