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ACT 2006 Fax Program

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ACT 2006 Fax Program

I was wondering if someone could help me about which fax program is more reliable to work with ACT 2006 , I heard that Winfax sometimes has problems when you send multiple faxes to multiple contacts
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Re: ACT 2006 Fax Program



Check out Mail Merge by Northwoods Software.  I'm not sure if it relies on WinFax or not, but it has a feature called "fax blast" for multiple contacts.

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Re: ACT 2006 Fax Program

Mail merge fax capability was only recently introduced to the program.  According to the mail merge users guide:


Addendum: Faxing with Mail Merge

Fax support has been added "experimentally" to Mail Merge 9.7. In fact, faxing has been supported in our Sales Automation Manager since we first supported ACT! 2005. But until now, there has never been a way to do an interactive Start Merge with Mail Merge and have it send a fax.

Fax support right now is conditional on a positive beta test. We may improve it or rip it our in future versions, there is no promise either way. And we may only support it for ACT! 9 and later. Tested only with Word 2003.

Fax support currently only supports Microsoft Fax that is included with Windows XP. It is a conditional part of the Windows installation. You can add it to your system by going to the Control Panel, choosing "Add or Remove Programs" and then choosing Add/Remove Windows Components. Make sure Fax Services is installed.



I would suggest downloading the 30 day trial and seeing how well it works for you.  I've used mail merge for several years now and am quite pleased with it. Ive never had the need for Fax capability, however, so you'll have to test that out on your own.


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