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ACT! 2005

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ACT! 2005

I need help reinstalling ACT! 2005 on my computer.


We are set up as a network and we have ACT! 2005 on our Server and a couple workstations.


My computer crashed and I had to get a new compurer, I have reinstalled ACT! 2005 on my computer now, but I am unable to reconnect to the network to reach my database. It lets me open ACT!, then when I try to map a network drive, it asks me for a username/password. We set up a username/password at one time but took it off and no longer use it. So I am confused as to why it is asking me for that information. But I go ahead and enter my old infomation (username/password) anyway and I get a error stating: ACT! requires atleast Service Pack 3 of SQL server. I am not able to go any further and can not get my database. So what is going on???? My other workstations are working just fine. I call ACT to see if they can help me with this issue, and they say NO because I am not using the up-to-date version. But I see no reason as to why I need to pay $600-$800 to upgrade my entire company when the version we are using now works just fine.



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Re: ACT! 2005

To resolve the network user/password issue, you can try browsing to the server through the My Computer icon (not Act) - when it prompts for signon see if there is a box for 'remember username and password'. 


For the message about SQL SP3, see the following Knowledgebase article which contains instructions for updating/resolving this issue:



Greg Martin