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ACT! 2005 - Birthday Issues

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ACT! 2005 - Birthday Issues

We use ACT 2005, I've found that our birthday field, has changed the birthdays by 1 day prior to our clients actual birthday.  I don't know how to fix this, besides going back in, changing the clients affected, and do the same when it happens again. Does anyone know why this is occuring, or a permanent way to fix this?
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Re: ACT! 2005 - Birthday Issues

Every date component in MSSQL has a time related to it. When the time isn't (or can't) be specified, the default time is 12:00 AM (midnight). further the dates and times are stored as an offset from Greenwich so that  a change from of to daylight time or changing time zones could have the effect of shifting a date like birth date from one day to the previous or next day. I know this was an issue with ACT! 2005 and I think it may have been resolved in a later version.
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