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ACT! 16 Upgrade - Is it worth it?

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ACT! 16 Upgrade - Is it worth it?



I have been a long time ACT! user - starting way back when it was DOS program.  I've gone through all of the owners and iterations of ACT! and faithfully upgraded (more often than not disappointed that the latest version didn't fix some key issues).  One very annoying issue has always been syncing with the Outlook calendar on all day events that are timeless (ACT! always suggested changing the time, which then puts it on the Outlook calendar for a time frame for the day, often obscuring real appointments/meetings - for example - someone's birthday which is not an ACT! contact, but it's on my Outlook calendar as a reminder). 


Anyway, I digress - I don't know SwiftPage and their commitment to the ACT! product - however, if enough readers who have moved to ACT! 16 think it is worth it, I may just bite the bullet again.  But also hoping they have resolved some of the ongoing issues that have plauged the product over the last couple of versions.  I mean how hard could it be to fix a timeless all day event - just let that be a banner item that doesn't affect the rest of the daily calendar...


Please post the good and bad so I can make an informed decision.  Also what features do you find most useful???

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Re: ACT! 16 Upgrade - Is it worth it?

Don't they offer a Money back guaranty?

For what its worth it works as well or not as the ones before it. Outlook synch still requires a third party purchase, which is a joke. Emailing from templates is still a crapshoot, for me anyway. I paid my money and I am making it work so far