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ACT 11 for Financial Prof

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ACT 11 for Financial Prof

I use ACT for financial Professionals.  I would like to add an additional TAB identical to the notes tab, but with a different name.  Is this possible?  How can I achieve this?

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Re: ACT 11 for Financial Prof

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I'm using the regular Sage ACT! Pro 2011, but I hope the directions are the same.  I don't think you can duplicate the notes tab, but these are the directions for adding or renaming a tab in general.


To edit the layout, selected "Tools, Design Layouts, Contacts"


Go to where the tabs are listed in the designer and right click on one of the existing tabs.  This will bring up a selection box and at the bottom you can add a new tab or remove an existing tab.


When the tab is created, it will have a name something like "New Tab 1".  You'll want to rename it to "Notes" or something like that.  In order to do this, select a tab by clicking on it and view the properties box.  If the box isn't already displayed, you'll need to open it by choosing "View, Properties Window"


Once the properties tab, you should see a line that says "Edit Tabs - (Collection)".  If you click on that and then on the ... box, it brings up a "Edit Tabs" box that allows you to move, add, edit (which is what you want to choose to rename a tab), make the tabs hidden, etc, etc, etc.