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ACT 11 Reinstall Doesn't Install SQL (ACT7)

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ACT 11 Reinstall Doesn't Install SQL (ACT7)

Uninstalled ACT 11, using Vista Programs and features.  Next, uninstalled the SQL (ACT7) using Vista Programs and features also.  Reinstalled ACT 11 and also the ACT Update.  Checked services and the SQL (ACT7) did not reinstall.  Attempted to reinstall SQL (ACT7) using SQLInstall.exe.  Got message that this program is only for when ACT is installed.  Now I'm really confused.  ACT is installed.  I had firewalls and antivirus disabled through all this.


Was SQL (ACT7) supposed to reinstall along with the rest of the ACT reinstall?

Why would SQLInstall.exe think that ACT is not installed?

Can anyone help me understand what is going on here?



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Re: ACT 11 Reinstall Doesn't Install SQL (ACT7)

This is a procedure I wrote to get the most clean install possible:
Uninstall any version of ACT! from Windows Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
Download and run the Uninstaller.exe from the ACT! KB 19338 (the exe, not the manual uninstall)
Uninstall .Net Framework (all versions) - this does NOT apply to Vista users as .Net 2.0 is part of the OS and can't be uninstalled
Uninstall any MS SQL items from the Control Panel if still there
Uninstall MSXML 6 Services from Control Panel if it's still there
Perform a Selective restart with MSCONFIG as per ACT! KB 14499
Install .Net 2.0 Framework (only 2.0 for ACT! 9/10/11) as per KB 19628 (only XP, not Vista)
Manually install MS SQL as per ACT! KB 19386
Install ACT! full install
Install latest ACT! patch if the previous install was a previous build and then any Hotfix
Check task manager to make sure .Net optimisation is finished (look for the setup, msiexec or ngen) - might take up to 10 minutes
Restore from Selective Startup Mode with MSCONFIG

Takes time, but will give the cleanest and most stable install.

For the KB numbers, go here - put the number in "Search Text" and change "Search By" to Answer ID
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Re: ACT 11 Reinstall Doesn't Install SQL (ACT7)


Thanks for the rapid reply.  After sending original post, I tried to install SQL (ACT7) using SQLEXPR.exe and it worked.  I'm sure that your procedure will come in handy in the future.  I still have the other core problem that caused me to do the uninstall in the first place, but that's another subject.  Thanks again!

Tim Hall