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ACT! 10

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ACT! 10

I have recently had to reinstall my client's copy of Sage after Windows got a BSOD.

This morning he sent me this email:

I synchronise the database between the PC and laptop. Act! sets up what they call a sync server. It monitors a port on the PC for incoming sync activity from the laptop. The port number is 65100. I think the problem may be that this number is no longer correct. How would I find out the correct port number?

Coud you give me some guidance please?

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Re: ACT! 10

The port number is shown in the synch service on the master machine and is set on the remote to match the same port. If it is the synch service it is generally in the tray on bottom right of the server. If it is standard you can find it by going to tools, synchronise untick and then retick the synch service.


You might also try and telnet to the server using the port and it will then respond with a connection e.g telnet or whichever port is being used

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