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ACT! 10 Sharing via a network

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ACT! 10 Sharing via a network

I have a database I want to share between 2 computers over a network. One computer i acting as the server or parent and the other is the child.

As the first step on the parent I need to go to:


Tools-Database management- share database


The problem is the share database option is greyed out


I've searched for hours trying to find an answer with no luck.


I'd be greatful for any help



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Re: ACT! 10 Sharing via a network

Do you have two copies of the ACT! program? If so, then on the computer with the database, in ACT! go to Help | Register and add the serial number of the second copy of ACT! there. Now you will be able to click share database. If you only have one copy of the ACT! program you will need to purchase a second license before you can share the database.
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