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ACT 10.0 Issues

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ACT 10.0 Issues

I have been using ACT since 1999. My last version I used is ACT 6.0 and I am very pleased with it. I have tried ACT 10 and I have installed it on 5 different computers and,in each case, I could not get it to operate smoothly. Whenever I try to open, receive or send email ( I set ACT to work with Outlook because my corporate email is IMAP and I work remotely. I am not in the office with the corporate server) my computer freezes. Again, I have tried this on several computers with either Vista Home or XP Professional. Does anyone know why this happens? I have to use my ACT 6.0 and this requires that I use XP as Vista requires ACT 10.0. I must assume that this is not happening to everyone because if it di then no one would be able to use ACT 10.0. Thank you.
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Re: ACT 10.0 Issues

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Setup Outlook as the email program instead of ACT! Email.


How to Configure Microsoft® Outlook® as Your Email Client in ACT!

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