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A specific email fails to attach to record with no error message

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A specific email fails to attach to record with no error message

Two issues regarding attaching emails to records.


1. I have an email that will not attach to a record in ACT!2010 from Outlook 2003. It is the only email that has failed to attach. I tried attaching it to 3 different records thinking there could be some sort of conflict with the target record, but it simply will not attach. By the way, it has an attachment, but I haven't had problems attaching other emails with attachments. And I get no error message. I've had no other trouble attaching emails to ACT! on my desktop PC.


I would appreciate any help to resolve the issue.


2. On my laptop PC, I have had issues with attaching a few emails but I get an error message: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". Having searched for the error in the knowledge base and Coummunity, I found nothing specific to my issue. I did find that the same error message was referenced, but for different circumstances. In my case, of several emails I attached to various records there were two or three that returned the error message that I referenced. After unsuccessfully resolving the issue, I went to my desktop PC and was able to attach the same emails to the same records with no problem. I then returned to my laptop and synch'd. The emails were attached to their appropriate records.


The error message issue is resolved by work-around, but I would appreciate any input as to what can cause the problem.


Thank you.