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A little history Help Please

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A little history Help Please

Since upgrading to Act 2010 (From Act 8) I've been encounetrring an issure relating to the way history is recorded when I carry out a mail Merge.


If I create a lookup with 5 records and then carry out my mail merge and in the process of doing so select the options to record the event in the history and also attach the document, it all seems to go well but for some reason the histopry line is only recorded for the first contact in my lookup based on alphabetical order, e.g.


5 Contacts


Mr Anderson

Mr Bean

Mr Charles

Mr Dean

Mr Ellis


The letters are produced correctly and I choose to record the event in the history and yet it will only show in the history of Mr Anderson.


This didn't happen in my previous version of act, it would have recorded for all parties in exactly the same way.  Now, I understand that there is a means for me to manually enter a historical event for all of the contacts using the history button and selecting the relevant parties but I feel that this is double handling of the data, and you'll forgive me, but I'm not a fan of leaving my audit trail in the hands of those who shall be audited.


Any advice?

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Re: A little history Help Please

Hello Alba,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


This issue is noted as fixed in the Service Pack 1 update for Act! 2010.  Here is an article with instructions for downloading and applying this update: KB Article 25927.

Greg Martin