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9.0 Calendar printing and filtering issues

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9.0 Calendar printing and filtering issues

I am completely frustrated with the printing capabilities of Act 9.0.  I am currently running V9.01 Hotfix 3.
If I try to print a calendar, I am unable to filter anything out of the calander.  Private task are printed regardless is they are filtered from the Print Filter options or even from the calander view itself.  The priview doesn't reflect anything selected.  You can not print a 4 week view and you can not print M-F only. It will always print a 5 week view with Sat and Sun.
Has anyone else had this issue?  Is there a fix?
I still feel foolish staying with this version of Act over the stable 6.0 version.  Does 10.0 resolve these issues?
Thanks for the help.
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Re: 9.0 Calendar printing and filtering issues

As an update, here is what I've found.


I recontacted customer support again to find out if version 10.0 had this problem.  Customer Support sent me to tech support at which time I proceeded to explain my issue.  The tech even located my report when I first brought this issue to Sage's attention back at the release of 9.0.  After going through the steps and allowing the tech to "take control" of my computer, he was very undrestanding of my issue.  He put me on hold and proceeded to do some research.  Apparently, this is still an issue with 9.0 and, it is now an issue with 10.0.


I find it hard to believe that Sage would allow a bug related to calendar printing and filtering, a critical component of a contact manager, to go untouched....even with prior knowledge of the issue.


Is act taking a "it's not that important" position on this or is a fix on the way?  Can we get a service release to fix this problem or is everyone who dropped their 200 bucks on version 9/10 just SOL?


Any comments on this?

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Re: 9.0 Calendar printing and filtering issues

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Thanks for bringing this to a public dialogue. We are checking with our 'sustained engineering' team to see what is going on here.


Keep the posts coming. We are listening.



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