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64bit Win 7 & Outlook with ACT

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64bit Win 7 & Outlook with ACT

My company just upgraded me to 64bit Windows 7 and 64Bit Outlook 2010.  From reading through the posts, can I assume I no longer have integration between ACT and Outlook?


I am a rogue user of ACT, so there is no IT support for this problem.


Many thanks in advance.

John Purdy
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Re: 64bit Win 7 & Outlook with ACT

If you have an Office 2010 license, there is usually a free version of either 32 bit or 64 bit. It should be just a matter of changing your version of Office. ACT! from 2009 onwards works fine with 64 bit OSe's.

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Re: 64bit Win 7 & Outlook with ACT

No probs with Win7 x64 (providing ACT! 2010 or later)

But you need to reinstall Office as x32 (on the x64 OS) before installing ACT!

Running Office as x32 is actually the way Microsoft recommends doing it unless needing Excel files >2GB