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3 Issues that are causing problems

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3 Issues that are causing problems

I recently upgraded to v18 and have a single copy residing on my C: drive. I am having 3 issues:


1. When I create a new contact in Act! then click on Notes, the contact that I am working with goes to the one that is first in my database. I then have to search out  the one I just created to continue working with it. A work around is when I create a new contact, I click on the next arrow then click back to 

'save' the record before I click on Notes. This seems to do the trick. So this seems like a bug in v18 that needs to be fixed.


2. With v18, I have a database that has lost it's layout formatting and color. Instead of green and nice sized text boxes and texts, it is now instead all white with large fields and large text. This is a new thing with v18.


3. I moved Act! to another computer momentarily for a few days. I have a database that when I open it I get errors that it can't find contactlayout.cly and another gly and another aly and an oly files. When Act! fully opens the contact layout doesn't appear. The problem is that in the error message the path is clearly reference the username of the previous computer. I have edited the PAD file to properly represent the new path however I still get this message. The other databases I have don't have a problem.


Any help on these three items would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: 3 Issues that are causing problems

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Hi Rick, 


Let's see:


  1. Do you have the latest Hotfix 5 installed? It can be found here - - If you're still seeing this behaviour with HF5 installed, please let us know.
  2. Have you selected the layout your previously used from the dropdown in the top right of Contact detail view? There have been new default layouts added.
  3. It sounds like the entire database wasn't moved in it's entirety. The following Knowledgebase article details the method for moving a database. - You should be able to resolve this by restoring a backup onto the machine with different database name.