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2013 usability enhancements ???

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2013 usability enhancements ???

Got my invite to pre-purchase 2013

Besides a whole lot of "social" media crap (ok it is important to some degree)

They mention "usability" enhancements, anybody have an idea what that means




Social media stuff would be nice if they'd first fix/ add some basic functiosn to improve usability first, me thinks non- users decide what an enhancement is.


Hopefully they"ve add some stuff hat usually requires spending more money on 3rd party add-ons that actually make Act usable in the real world

Tom David Moxam
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Re: 2013 usability enhancements ???

Having been on the beta ... I don't know what "usability" enhancements are there.

And the social media stuff they've added is largely pointless.

Nothing I've seen takes the place of any of the third-party tools