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2013 Windows 8 can't apply sp1 update

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2013 Windows 8 can't apply sp1 update

I have a new windows 8 machine.  Tried installing act 2013 "out of the box". Installed with an error that said something about email conversion.  The install ended and act seems to "work" ... eh hem ..... mostly.


First problem was that in mail setup outlook (2010) didn't show at all when I tried to use that as the email client.  After searching the knowledgte base, and following several of the recommendations the detect & repair of office 2010 must have done the trick.. I was then able to get outlook to attach the contacts address book.  However I still can't get the outlook addonfor attaching emails to contacts (quick attach)  to get loaded when outlook starts.  As part of the effort to try and get that to work, i figured , let me install the SP1 update with the hope that  .... maybe .... that would do the trick.


I downloaded the sp1 update and started it up.  Goes through and begins the install and then gives me an error box that says.....


The version of act detected is not compatible with this update.  I checked the act/about and I'm on version The install then exits.

Been an act user from act 1 ... so this ain't my first rodeo.  So, can someone lead me in the right direction.


windows 8, amd-a6 4GB mem. 64-bit.

Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version 15.0.301.0


Is there any hope of getting this updated and getting the icons/quick attach to work.


By the way... tried both run as administrator with NO UAC blocking  and just run .... with both yielding the same result.


Help will be appreciated.



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Re: 2013 Windows 8 can't apply sp1 update



  Whenever I run into this problem when upgrading 2013 to 2013SP1 in Windows 8, it's usually because you either have the wrong download, or the updater cannot find your current version of Act!


  In some cases there are issue with the update when linking to Outlook (specifically with Windows 8) So here's what I would do to get the update, and make sure you get the best version of Act! that works with Outlook: Uninstall Act!, and reinstall from the appropriate link for your version below:


Act! Pro:

Act! Premium:

Act! Premium (Web):

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Re: 2013 Windows 8 can't apply sp1 update

Thanks for getting back to me.


The tech was able to remove the original install (he edited the registry and we deleted some keys). After 2 attempts at installing the 2013_sp1 "all-in-one" package, the install completed without error. on the second attempt  However the Office addons didn't work.  More hand editing of the registry to put the office/outlook/addin key in and it worked.


It should be noted to not even bother to try and install the act 2013 original install on windows 8.  Simply download the all-in-one and start at that point.