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2012 and 2014 database on same server?

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2012 and 2014 database on same server?

Currently I have an SBS 2003 Server that has ACT! 2012 setup on it to host a database for 4 users.  These 4 users access this DB from their workstations using ACT! 2012. No problems there.


I have two other users that went out and bought ACT! 2014 and have it setup between two computers, where one of them is hosting the DB to the other one.  Works, but not ideal.


I really want to take the old SBS 2003 server and drop it off a high cliff and replace it with something else.  Regardless of what it is, i know it has to be able to install the ACT! Sql and hosting components, so it can't be a 'dummy' NAS.


My question is:

Can i have both the 2012 and 2014 users access their databases on the same server?  In other words, can we have it so the 2012 users don't have to upgrade to 2014 on their workstations?  I would prefer to have the databases both on the server where i can efficiently back them up and prevent a user just rebooting their computer and kicking off other users from the DB they are hosting.


Thank you,


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Re: 2012 and 2014 database on same server?

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Hey Lyle,

Not my strongest area of expertise but normally all act! users must be on same version/build.

Consult the ACT! Knowledgebase for immediate answers also 


How to manage sync sets


I just came across this ACC website and Kevin may be able to fix you up with a server?

Hope this is a start in the right direction. FSB Smiley Happy

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Re: 2012 and 2014 database on same server?

Fillstaff, thanks for the reply. I'll review the links.


Mainly i want the 2012 users to stick with their version on their workstations and access the 2012DB on the server, and as well have the 2014 users stick with their version and access the 2014DB on the server.


If i can install the 2014 SQL and host services on the server, and have both 2012DB and 2014DB on the server to be managed by the 2014 SQL host, that would be ideal.

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Re: 2012 and 2014 database on same server?

Basically no.The ACT! program needs to be installed on the server machine and you can't have two versions of the ACT! program running on the same machine. Using a virtual machine for the second version of the ACT! program and database would work but that wouldn't really be any different from your present setup. I had a user that had an old maxed out server they couldn't even install the ACT! program and what they did was to setup a PC Box running Windows and linked it to the server so that it appeard to the users as just another network drive.

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Re: 2012 and 2014 database on same server?


I noticed you stated that you installed SQL 2014 and are running Act! with it.  Can you tell me your experience?  I want validation that the latest Act! Premium will work with SQL 2014 and I'm not getting a good answer from the consultants or support on that.


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Re: 2012 and 2014 database on same server?

What did you end up doing, Lyle?