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2011 Pro to 2014 Pro

Copper Contributor
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2011 Pro to 2014 Pro

Is there any reason to upgrade?  What am I missing?  Thanks

Nickel Contributor
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Re: 2011 Pro to 2014 Pro

Here is the marketing info:


For me, the biggest reason would be Office compatibility.

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Re: 2011 Pro to 2014 Pro

Because I need to report on how I spend my time, one of the new features is the History List.  I can create a list of every history activity or selected types of activities.  I then export that to Excel and submit it to management.  I can do this in just a couple of minutes.  A real timesaver for me. 


I don't know if your version has the Web Info tab, but that is also a real time saver to deal with where people are working and to see a picture of the person, if they are in LinkedIn. 

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