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2010 upgrade process

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2010 upgrade process

Anyone have any info on doing an upgrade from 2009 to 2010 on Vista?  I downloaded the zip file, then went to unzip it.  Default unzip location was not where I wanted it to be so I changed the directory path....then the unzip process threw and error saying it couldn't write a file to the Palm OS directory.  SUP with this?  Did I miss the memo that provided directions on upgrade?
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Re: 2010 upgrade process



Couple things worth trying in your situation.


1) Are you using Winzip, and if so, can you launch it via right moust button "Run as Administrator" and successfully extract the content to your desired location?


2) Can you simply allow the extraction process to occur to the default location, install from that location, then simply delete the extracted media retaining your downloaded zip file?


3) Try disabling the User Access Control (UAC) on the machine.  It is misleading, though your account may say you are an Administrator on the machine, you are not a full administrator.



Matthew McFadden