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2008 and activity scheduling

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2008 and activity scheduling

When scheduling an activity and using the time drop down I can't read any of the names of activities already scheduled. I did not have this problem in any previous versions. Is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone help? I contacted support and they said that was just the way it is. I get the usual time drop down showing the day in half hour segments and where there is a call to be made or appt. I can see the icon but it used to display the name clearly now it looks like the if the activity is only 30 mins. for instance I get the top part of the "regarding" on that line and the bottom half is cut off. I want the name -not the "regarding" and I want to see the whole thing. Not too much to ask.
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Re: 2008 and activity scheduling

You might post a request for this feature to be considered for a future version here -

Input from this web page goes directly into a database that management has direct access to read, and which they also track and gather statistics on.