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2 questions

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2 questions

Thanks in advance for your help.


1. I noticed that since clicking on quick connect in Outlook, all email messages are being attached to my Act contacts. I want to turn this off, but I don't see a means of doing that. Please help.


2. I got a new BB. I need to reinstall Connect on this new one but I don't recall how I did that the first time. Does anyone know how to do this?





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Re: 2 questions

If you're using 2011 (not sure if it's different for 2012 or not), go into Tools - Preferences - E-mail & Outlook Sync. Click on E-mail system setup. On step 5 of 8, select None from the drop-down list. This specified what part of the email is automatically attached to the Act contact. I have mine set to none since I don't want the majority of the emails I send recorded into Act. You then have the option per email to record it if you want.


I hope that helps.