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2 lingering problems

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2 lingering problems

I have 2 primary problems that are still left from the ACT Beta Refresh days.


1)  Very delyed entry of fields.  This problem is random in that it does not occur every time I enter a new contact and doesnt always occur to the same fields.  The typing of information is very slow and delayed when entering information for a new contact.  The fields that seem effected are Company, Contact, Phone and Details.  When I use the Schedule Task screen, this also happens when I enter something into the regarding field.


2)  Every once in a while the ACT program will through an "out of memory" error which means I have to restart or the program will just lock up for no apparent reason which also means I have to restart.


Just wanted to keep you posted.  Other than these 2 errrors...the program is running good.

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Re: 2 lingering problems

There is currently a known issue with customized databases and performance.  We are currently working on a hot fix to address the issue.  I do not have a release date at this time.