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2 Smart Task Questions

Nickel Contributor
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2 Smart Task Questions

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I have two questions on Smart Tasks:


1) How can I show multiple simultaneous steps of a task in my Task List generated from Smart Tasks?  Form what I see, a second task is dependent on the first one being completed . I see no way of having two successive steps showing up simultaneously unless the first one has been completed. Am I wrong on this?  If I am, can someone show me?


2) If I turn off the computer for a half day,  sometimes Smart tasks has tasks that did not trigger for that particular time because the computer was turned off.  Is there any way of getting these tasks to show on the task list when I turn the computer on again? I see in View Status of Smart Tasks (Manage Tasks) "Status tab" that they are listed, but you cannot trigger tasks that are scheduled, but never triggered because computer turned off?  Is this the right place to look for those tasks?


Any Help would be appreciated.





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Re: 2 Smart Task Questions

Many of your assumptions are correct and if you have two steps then the first must be completed before the second step is begun. The only other way you could do this is to have two smart tasks not built into a single task.


On the second question ACT! has to be open for the Task to run. From the help file:

"Note: Smart Tasks run only when you are logged in to Sage ACT!. If you are not logged in when the Smart Task is triggered, the Smart Task will not run."



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Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: 2 Smart Task Questions

Regarding #1 - not sure if this will help, but Activity Series are still available in ACT.  You can't mix and match Activity Series with Smart Tasks, but if you just have two tasks that you want to show up simultaneously, this might be a solution.


Regarding #2 - what about Schedule>Run Smart Task, which will manually process the missed task?

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant