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2 Problems w/ the Contact Field

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2 Problems w/ the Contact Field

Hello.  Have Act 2010 ver 12.


Successfully imported over 4,000 records, and have succeeded in changing the Contacts page.  Everything fine there.


However, 1) no name appears in the Contact field, and 2) when I create a new, blank contact record, I am unable to type in First Name and Last Name into the Contact Field, though, all other fields appear to work normally/as expected.


Ideas how to fix the 2 problems above gladly received.  Thank you!


Jim Boyd

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Re: 2 Problems w/ the Contact Field

I would suspect when you customized the contact page, you did not obtain the desired results.  Look at a different layout (one of hte originals) does it work there?  When customizing it's best not to touch the contact field.  Also you can look at hte contact list does the contact field shoup up with your imported data there?

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Re: 2 Problems w/ the Contact Field

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I'm having same problem than keepswimming1.


I am importing a .csv file, but when I am selecting the fields I want to link, when I have to choose one for the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name, it is just one ACT field, which is Contact. In addition, when you selected Contact field for the First Name, it appears like an alert, "Mapping the Contact field will override any mapping of separate name parts (First Name, Last Name, Middle Name...)


It doesn't matter, because if you don't put any ACT field to the First, Last and Middle Name, it obviously, don't import nothing, but if you select any of them with Contact Field, it appears this alert, but it is just import you First Name, if you selected that field, but not the whole First, Last and Middle name, that how I could read from keepswimming1, it what we need to get.



In my .csv, I have on my cells:






I have triying erasing the _ , putting into Commas, removing caiptal letters...but anything works.


It is supposed to recognize automatically, but it isn't.


Anything about Concadenate columns in the .csv?? Hope It is not the final solution.

Need a solution ASAP, thanks for all.


EDIT: I SOLVE THE PROBLEM! If you put First Name (Without _) and Last Name also, in the .csv file, when you are choosing the fields to "link", it appears in ACT Fields, automatically like First Name and Second Name! Take note about saving the .csv before import with the changes!