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1 Large Database with 2 Layout Schemes

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1 Large Database with 2 Layout Schemes

I would like to consolidate 3 databases into 1 large database, but I will need to use 2 different layout designs. I am thinking about doing this so I can same time/hassle and won't have to open/close/synch multiple ACT dbms sets. My concern is, will the be conflicts of the layout designs with the 3 different database sets? I don't think so, since I am now managing contact data in on dbms and exporting select records into the other "similar" database. If you have personal experience with doing something similar to this scenario and have had success, I would be interested to know.


Thanks - Neil


PS - I can attach screen shots if this would be helpful?



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Re: 1 Large Database with 2 Layout Schemes



You can create multiple layouts per database.  There is not limitation on that.  But there isn't a feature in ACT! that will automatically switch layouts per contact.



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Re: 1 Large Database with 2 Layout Schemes

Automatic layout switching based on contact types isnt supported within ACT. As Dlunceford said, you would have to do it manually.


There is an addon product to do this though. Look at LayoutSwitch at



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Re: 1 Large Database with 2 Layout Schemes

I suspect I didn't explain my issue very well. I am aware ACT allows multiple layouts to co-exist on the same database. My concern is that if I consolidate all (3) three of my databases into 1 LARGE volume and manually switch between Layout views - will I risk/compromise anything (performance) by doing so (speed of back-ups, potential loss of Group settings, import/export to other database set) etc.


Thanks you guys for your input thus far.



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Re: 1 Large Database with 2 Layout Schemes

In my experience, switching between layouts won't cause any of the problems you mentioned. But it gets tedious to go back and forth.


A suggestion would be to tweak your basic layout so that it carries the information that applies to ALL of your contacts. For instance,


COMMUNICATIONS (all phone/fax/email/web)

ADDRESSES (mailing/location)

STATUS (ID/Status, Last Results)



Then for the specialized information that only pertains to certain groups, create additional tabs and add the appropriate fields onto the appropriate tab. Much quicker to access when you're on the phone, etc.


Some examples where adding TABS might be helpful for grouping specific information that applies to some but not all of your contacts:

Clients vs. Vendors vs. Prospects

Companies we market our training services to vs. Individuals from those companies who have taken our classes

Membership organizations




Adding tabs is easy and you can rearrange their order in the layout too.

Post again or pm for brainstorming on this. 





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