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two use cases... which is better?

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two use cases... which is better?

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So general use question.


Use Case One:  I have   two users using act.  They are looking at the same database over a network. One user adds a contact adds it to a group.  The other user is making calls and creates a lookup to that Group.  Wala there is an extra contact that was recently added.


Pros Both users can create and see what the other is doing instantly.   

Cons Database jumps around when two or more are in there together.  Makes it hard to keep the call list because the databse lookup may change when two are in the same database togehrter.


Question: is this the wrong way to work togeher?  Is this ACT desied to have multiple users over the network work together like this? 


Use Case Two:  Have separate databases with two users each.  One on each machine.  Have those machines sincronise at Lunch or after work. Users work independently on the database and call lists or group headings update upon sincronizaation.

Pros database lookups don't jump around.

Cons users cant work together in real time and must wait for sincronization - works with remote users becuase network doesnt sincronize over the internet.


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Re: two use cases... which is better?

The only reason that I can think of that things woudl jump around would be that both users were using the same login ID. If each user has their own login ID they shoulsn't interfear with each other using a shared database.

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