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re-assigning users

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re-assigning users

We hired a new salesperson who is taking over a database that was maintained by one person.  they want the new salesperson to have their own records etc, but also would like them to be able to check on the alarms of the other person who he replaced.   can deleting and reassigning the records to the new user take care of this or is there something else that must be done?


for example


dan is the old sales person who has left fhe company

darren is the new sales person replacing dan


when darren logs in he has his own username

they would like darren to be made aware of the alarms dan has left behind.



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Re: re-assigning users

As a general rule you don't want to delete Dan and reassign to the new user. If you do, everything where Dan is the record manager (notes, history, etc.) will be reassigned to the new user. Better to create the new user, filter to task list to show everything assigned to Dan and change each activity one at a time to the new user and then disable Dan as a user.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: re-assigning users

Another option is for the new user to filter his calendar to show his activities and Dan's.  As needed/desired, new user can change them to reflect him as the assigned to party.  This way, he's not wasting valuable income-generating time doing administrative work.


Believe Dan's activities will even show up  if he is made an inactive user.

Rita Kogstad
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Re: re-assigning users

Rita, you don't have inactive users in ACT! 6.0

Roy's way is usually considered the best way, because you still know which user did what. But, while Darren will be able to see Dan's activities in calendar and task list, he won't get the alarms.