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Why upgrade from Act version 6.0?

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Why upgrade from Act version 6.0?

I have tried every new version since 6.0 and found them to be slower than the 6.0 version. I have followed all advised procedures, have a fast system, but the change from .dbf to the new system (SOAP?) resulted in my slower performance for my database. Am I the only one? I would LOVE to get new features in Act, and as a result cannot use Act to directly manage email or check social networking or even use the word processor, but for data lookup and dailing nothing beats the old version for me. Is it just me?


Please don't respond with the features of the newest version, I have tried them and received a refund, but I keep waiting for that upgrade that will close the speed gap.

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Re: Why upgrade from Act version 6.0?

What is your question?

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Re: Why upgrade from Act version 6.0?

You are correct version 6 is faster loading that any later versions but is the searching, mail merge, additional functionality the later versions do offer some productivity changes that I find are worthwhile


If you turn off all the background loading mine after clicking through the login name screen is 18 sec which is acceptable

Right click on fields to do a lookup

Ability to do contains lookups without going to advance queries

In large databases response to searches is at least 30% faster


The Outlook integration is getting better although I might have many a number of other changes if I was designing the ACT/Outlook interface


The export to Excel from many of the list views is a distince advantadge for many clients and the changes in Opportunities now works for most companies although it woudl be great if they were better linked to activities.


Just my 2 cents worth

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Re: Why upgrade from Act version 6.0?

I totally agree with you on the fact that I have been using ACT! 6.03 for over 10 years, have tried various of the upgrades,/versions and have even bought (and returned) the new for 2010 financial professionals and I STILL find the functionality, ease of use, and speed of the old DBF format superior to the new SQL. I too would love to try an ACT! Version that is comparable to the 6.0 but sage seems to plod ahead with cumbersome interfaces, tabs all over the place duplication of saved files generated form contacts and more. Signed, fingers crossed
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Re: Why upgrade from Act version 6.0?

FWIW, I've been an ACT! Certified Consultant for 17 years.  Around the time of the ACT! 6.0 release, I gave up and moved my data to GoldMine because of perceived functionality differences.  In February of this year, I moved my data back to ACT! 2010 and I'm very happy.  I also recommend,, ZohoCRM and MS CRM, and in my humble opinion, there's not a faster UI on the market than ACT! 2010 - I spend 90% of my day looking up people by their first or last name, and ACT! 2010 (not 2009 or earlier) with the quick lookup down the left side, is the easiest, least number of mouse clicks, and fastest lookup around.  In ACT! 6 earlier and earlier, a search always took you to the detail view, and it was up to you to glance up to the counter to see whether there were multiple results.  In the SQL versions, if there's one result, you're taken to the detail view, if there's multiple results, you're taken to the list view (that makes a lot of sense) and if there's no result, you're asked whether you want to try again or if you want to add a new contact.  I like having the "Record History" button along the top - among what I think they call the 'Big Easy' buttons - I'm always recording histories - call rec'd, quote sent, etc.  I don't use the built in quote generator - rather, I'm a QuoteWerks believer, and I turn out accurate, great looking quotes that record back to Opportunities.  I have ACT! set to open to the 'Contacts' Dashboard every day, which shows me all contacts edited, and all contacts created, within the last 30 days.  (It came set to 'within last 365 days', which boggles my mind), but I edited the XML file behind it to set both dates to 'within last 30 days'

I do ALL of my email out of Outlook, and outgoing and incoming emails are attached to the recipient (outgoing) and sender (incoming) histories, silently, automatically.  I'm abit retentive with my Outlook Email, and I don't bother checking my Outlook 'Sent Mail' folder anymore to find something that I sent - I look their record up in ACT! and it's there.

Since I'm an ACT! Consultant, it saves me time to keep my customers' server credentials, versions, licenses, user names, method of remote access etc., so, no matter what I need to know, it's in ACT! - when their Handheld Contact subscription expires, who's the ACT! Administrator, what time zone they're, and on, and on.

I'm very happy that I migrated back - it has improved my efficiency and effectiveness drastically.