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Using ACT 6.0 with PIMphony - TAPI Software

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Using ACT 6.0 with PIMphony - TAPI Software




I have an Alcatel phone system and I have previously managed to "some how" link ACT with dialer and it worked however since then a LOT of water has passed under the bridge and I forgot how I did it.


In the Readme for the PIMphony software it says copy PIMPHONY.ActPlugin.dll into the ACT Plugin directory.


1.  There is no Plugin directory


2.  If I create a Plugin directory and copy file into the directory nothing different is available in the Dialer Config section.


Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter.



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Re: Using ACT 6.0 with PIMphony - TAPI Software

Their directions refer to ACT! 7 and later, not ACT! 6. You would need to contact them for any additional information.
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Re: Using ACT 6.0 with PIMphony - TAPI Software

From what I can see on the web, some of the PIMphony versions only support ACT! 6.0 and some only 7.0 and later ... you may need to either get an older ver of PIMphony or a later ver of ACT!