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Upgrading ACT! 6.0

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Upgrading ACT! 6.0

Hi All,


I'm new to act! 2008. Currently we have been running 6.0 and the database resides on the server. On the server there is not ACT! software installed and five workstations currently have it installed.


My question is that we purchased ACT! 2008 Std not premium and for every installation there is a sql express install. Is it necessary for every workstation to have it installed? Should I install ACT! on the server as well? Or can I run the set up from the workstations, upgrade the db that resides on the server?


Thanks for you help.



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Re: Upgrading ACT! 6.0

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Yes, you need ACT! installed on the server and to convert the 6.0 database there.


Have a look at these ACT! Knowledge Base articles - and

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