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Upgrade from ACT 2000

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Re: Upgrade from ACT 2000

Tony, you really want 1GB RAM for decent response.


Do you have all the ACT! 5.0 database files - not just the dbf

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Re: Upgrade from ACT 2000


Looks like  I have worked around the problem whilst waiting for reply, I tapped into a backup copy of my data base and that allowed me to progress right through to converting my old files.


The programe seems to be slow but this may be due to lack of ram.

I am not sure if I have converted fiels and lettters etc correctly yet, Ihave just gone into write letter and tag onto one as a trial the system now goes through a merg exercise with each letter template the i open the end result seems ok except for some minor errors easily fixed.

The layout that i converted also needs tidyingup as fields are now cramped up.

I will need to leave this for now and startup again later.



PS thanks for your input.