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Treo 755, Blackberry, HTC Touch, I

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Treo 755, Blackberry, HTC Touch, I

 am wanting to ditch my old Sony Clie and Razor and get a smartphone with Windows Mobile or Palm OS
Can any of these be linked to ACT2008 using the included Act Link? I had Act for Palm for Act 6.0. It was fine, but I have been okay with using the Act Link for Palm in ACT2008 with my old Clie. Since the Treo is Palm I assume there is no big issue there on linkage, the Touch is Windows Mobile 6.0, not sure about the Blackberry.
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Re: Treo 755, Blackberry, HTC Touch, I

The ACT!link doesn't currently work with Windows Mobile 6 (only 5) or Blackberry.
The best solution for both is Handheld Contact - you can download a 14-day trial from that link