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Syncing 6.03 to a modern smart phone

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Syncing 6.03 to a modern smart phone

Hi all


Nice to see the old timers like Mike and Roy.

I’ve been using the good ole’ 6.03 for ages now mainly because it syncs without a hitch to my Palm T3 using ACT! for Palm and I can sync via email to and from another database. I don’t think that the newer versions of ACT! offer these simple and important features.


I’m considering getting now a smart phone such as the Droid or the Blackberry or the Palm Pixi Plus and I wouldn’t want to carry the Palm as well if the smart phone can do the job for me as far as carrying ACT! on it in a similar way that my Palm carries ACT! for Palm.

I wonder if there’s any app that can sync my ACT! as fully as possible to and from a smart phone. Maybe ACT! can be partially  transferred on the PC to Outlook and form there to the smart phone. 

Other than this need I haven’t had any problem, need or issue with my ACT!, so if  it ain’t broken why fix it.

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Re: Syncing 6.03 to a modern smart phone

CompanionLink will support the later phones and still supports ACT! 6.0 ... but it only sends contacts and activities to the built-in apps on the phone, so can only support those limited featues


Only Handheld Contact compares to ACT! for Palm in terms of providing the ACT! functionality (to Blackberry or windows Mobile) - but they no-longer support ACT! 6.0 ... so maybe that's a good reason to upgrade?