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Synchronizing my ACT with my boss's ACT

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Synchronizing my ACT with my boss's ACT

We have figured out how to sync all of the contacts, but how do we sync my computer to have the same format and look exactly the same as my boss's? (i.e.- he has additional sections that I don't have and he has his phone numbers in bold red... and I do not, even after synchronizing.)


I have Version (Build)


Please let me know if there's any other information I can supply for help on this matter. 



Thanks so much


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Re: Synchronizing my ACT with my boss's ACT

Synchronisation in ACT! 6.0 falls well short of the capabilities of the newer versions, for instance not being able to select synchronisation of attachments. However if you want to use ACT! 6.0 and have the same layout for each database then you will need to copy over the layouts for Contacts and Groups. In ACT! 6.0 these files are appended with the file extensions .cly and .gly. They will be named as per the name of the database they were created for e.g. ABCCompany.cly etc.   

Graeme Leo
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Re: Synchronizing my ACT with my boss's ACT

Actually Graeme, the cly/gly files could be any name and were often nothing to do with the file name of the database.


They will be in the Layouts folder.