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Synchronization using Act 6.0.3

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Synchronization using Act 6.0.3

I have never synchroized so I need some advise.

I want to synchronize an Act 6.0 database with a remote user (same database, two users in different locations). The database is large (110 MB). Is that too big to synchronize using either internet or email. I can reduce the size of the database if necessary.

Also, if a database is too big to synchronize in this way, is there a way just to swap altered records (including history, notes, and attachments).







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Re: Synchronization using Act 6.0.3

110MB is pretty large for ACT! 6.0 and it might be worth looking at upgrading to ACT! 2011.

That being said, it is possible to sync a large database in ACT! 6.0... you create the database locally using the shared folder sync and then send the remote databases (ZIPed) to the remote users via CD or Dropbaox and then change the sync method to email

I'd get an ACT! Consultant to assist with this as it's faily complex... and the reliability of sync depends on it being set up correctly from the start
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Re: Synchronization using Act 6.0.3

Here are the document ID numbers for the key knowledgebase documents on ACT! 6 synchrnization.  11647, 11979 and 11740


For what it's worth, I wrote these articles when I was in tech support.

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