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Sync With Phone for Calendar, Contacts, and maybe Email

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Sync With Phone for Calendar, Contacts, and maybe Email

I need help to find a migration path:  I use Act! 6.0 and currently sync my calendar to a Palm V via a desktop connection plus use a cell phone.  I want to consolidate to having a single device and syncing to a new Phone/Handheld for calendar and contact purposes.  I do not particularly care about mobile email for now, but possibly later.


My Act! 6.0 has 3,300 records and runs on XP Pro.  Mobile carrier is Verizon.  I do not currently email from Act! or even sync Act! with my Outlook (no apparent reason to do so at this point, unless I'm missing something.)  Email is via Outlook 2003, which is my company standard, on an Exchange server in case this is relevant.


I have not yet found a suitable new cell phone - and have the flexibility to choose any device.  I also can change cell phone carriers if needed.


I would prefer to avoid the expense of Companionlink or Handheld Contact and do not think I need wireless sync.  Desktop is fine.


I've searched many of the posts and can not figure out what is the best path given my flexibility on the phone device and carrier.  For now my objective is calendar and contacts.  If I am being short-sighted re email and it can be added/allowed for without too much complexity or expense then please tell me.


Please let me know how I should proceed.  Thank you!!

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Re: Sync With Phone for Calendar, Contacts, and maybe Email

Unless you go with a really older phone so you can use the sync that comes with ACT 6.0, you are going to have to use Companionlink.  ACT 6.0 as you are probably aware, doesn't get updates anymore.  In particular, that means support for the newer phones.  We had a Treo 600 that worked fine with 6.0.  Upgraded the phone to a 650, and it stopped syncing.  The newer phones are  using a newer version of mobile operating systems and that's what the ACT 6.0 sync doesn't support.  Hope this makes sense.
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